Sunday, 5 May 2013

No Bed Without Ted Book Review

This book was a present and a lovely one at that. 
This is No Bed Without Ted.

This is a book that Little H got for her birthday and it turns out it's one of her favourite books.  It is a lovely pop up book about a little girl who is heading to bed but she can't find her Teddy Bear.  The story lets you help the girl search all over looking for Ted until he turns up and then she can go to bed, with Ted, and drift off to sleep.

Mum thinks: A really nice book.  It has pop ups and pull outs and flaps that you have to use to try and help the little girl find Ted.  A nice story and a good length for bedtime.  It's good fun to see if you are going to find Ted on each page.  I've also found that Little H often reads this book by herself just so she can look in all the places ( I think she thinks that Ted will be hiding behind one of the flaps this time!!)  It's got lovely drawings and full of nice bright colours.  A really good book and a massive hit with my 3 year old.

Holly thinks: "Mummy I like looking for Ted but don't like the little girl getting upset when she can't find him.  Mummy just made him clean and now they are both in sleepies"

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