Friday, 19 July 2013

Golf Puns - the older I get the sillier I get!

As an avid golf fan I particularly look forward to the Open each year.  This year has been no different and the past two days have been great fun.  As I've been sat at my desk at work I've been watching BBC live, minimised, in a small corner of my screen so my boss can't see it if she walks into the office.

My colleagues have thrown odd looks at me as I've randomly shouted out "ooh", "ahh" and "well played" in the middle of a quiet office.  I've tried my best to keep them up dated with players progress and they have subtly told me they are not interested by putting their head phones in.

The big thing I realised today was that I appear to be getting more childish with each year I watch the Open.  By this I mean that I'm starting to find myself laughing at some of the comments the commentators come out with.  Let me give you a sample of some of the classics that were said today.

"Tiger Woods has great control of his balls"

"There is a lot of brown between his ball and the hole"

"He's having trouble finding the hole with his ball"

'You know about it when he drives it in"

"There's never a shortage of spectators to look after their balls"

"He knows how to use his wood'

'He's got a bit more plumage around his ball than he'd like"

"Johnson has a way of caressing his balls on the green"

These are just some of the comments that have had me spitting tea today.  Maybe the heat was making me a bit giddy or maybe it is that I am regressing the older I get, but either way the commentators really made my day whilst watching today's play.  I can truly say that I can't wait for the next to days of golf and the little pearls that the commentators have in store for us.

Happy watching golf fans!

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