Thursday, 28 April 2011

All is well in world of my bump

After having such an easy pregnancy with Holly, I'm a little shocked to say that i'm not having such an easy time with bump.  It started with horrible sickness from day one and this went onto last for 13 weeks.  Trying to hide the fact that my colleague, who sat next to me, wore a  perfume that made me wanted to gip every morning was not an easy task.  I also went completely off tea and chocolate, which were and hopefully will be again, my two saving graces and I had the worst break out of spots that would rival any teenager.  My hair is rubbish and my nails are constantly breaking and I even have to say i've been suffering with the dreaded fat ankles.

Given that I experienced none of this with my baby girl, it's safe to say that this pregnancy does not suit me.  There were some early concerns with this pregnancy when the doctors found a mass growing next to the side of my baby.  It had been causing me a great deal of pain so I was taken in early to have a scan and see what was going on.  The goods new was that it ruled out an ectopic pregnancy and the baby seemed to be fine where it was.  They did however, suspect that I may have a partial molar pregnancy.  This is where the egg is fertilised by 2 sperm and it means that the chances of the baby being normal are non existent.  They kept a close eye on my for the few first months but the mass just seemed to get rid of it's self.  The pain went and it finally felt like I was having a normal pregnancy, despite the factors mentioned above.

I went for my 20 week scan last week and that was a trauma in itself.  The little devil is so far down that they struggled to get a good picture.  Everytime they thought they had him he would wriggle about and move before they managed to press the button and capture what they wanted.  So they sent me off for a walk around the hospital to try and encourage him to move.  The baby, on the other hand, had different ideas.  The second scan did allow a few photos to be taken but still not the number they needed, so off I was sent again.  This time with the added advice of, "if you could possibly drik more water that might help."  I don't think they understood that my bladder was alreasy the size of a football, but I wanted to get out of there so more water I drank.  The third scan allowed them to get everything they needed and I was sent back to the waiting room to wait for them to bring out my notes and my scan photos.  As the nurse appeared I jumped up to get the stuff from her (and also because I was busting at the seems to use the toilet) only to be told that some of the pictures hadn't come out and could I come back in again?  Yes of course I could I said through gritted teeth.  This time I made sure they had everything before I left that room as I was headed for the loo and wild horses would not stop me.

We were sent on our way with everything sorted and scan pictures in hand.

A trip to the midwife yesterday revealed that she was unable to listen to the baby's heart beat.  I knew everything was fine as I could feel him using my insides as a playground but they couldn't hear the heart.  "It could be that he's in a funny position and the monitor can't get round to hear the heart beating" she said.  This is definitely a boy I thought to myself, only a boy would give me this much hassle!  I Like the idea of having a son though.  So she made an appointment for me to see the Midwife at the hospital just to get everything checked out.

I got back from the appointment at 10.30 this morning and I'm pleased to say that everything is good and a good strong heart beat was heard by all.  Despite the rubbish time i've been having during this pregnancy, I would put up with it a thousand times over as long as my baby was ok. I have been given the all clear and told to just carry on now as if it's a normal pregnancy and enjoy the next 4 months.  So that's what I plan to do.  I'm going to carry on meeting my lovely mummy (and non mummy friends), spending time relaxing (as often as work and kids will allow) and enjoy the rest of the summer until my new arrival decides to join us.

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