Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter - Chocolate: To give or not to give?

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hasn't it been lovely to have that extra long weekend?  I know a lot of mums and dads struggle with thinking of things to do with the kids when they have time off.  Not me, I can't seem to do enough.  I took Holls to an Easter party on Good Friday, which turned out to be a huge flop so ended up getting the paddling pool out instead.  On the Saturday we went over to Manchester to see my dad and also my Grandad.  we got a BBQ going and Holls had a fab time getting her Great Grandad to play chase with her up the garden.  He's blind and partially deaf and she led him a merry tale all over the place but he loved it.
It was great weather all day and we all pretty much stayed outside until early evening.   By the time it came for us to leave my dad said to me, " just a second, i've got Holly's easter eggs in the kitchen."  He disappeared and then popped up with 7 eggs all for Holly.  With a smile on his face he said," sorry love I couldn't resist." I tried to ask him to sneak them into the boot of the car before she saw but it was too late.  As soon as she clocked the pile of chocolate in his arms it was dummy out, mouth open and pease mamma?  Of course, taking the usual grandparent stance, my dad said that a little bit wouldn't do her any harm!!  I do agree whole heartedly that things in small doses are fine, but at that time of night she would be bouncing off the walls if she had chocolate now.  I decided to put up with the tantrum that was about to ensue and asked my dad to put them in the boot.

After kisses and hugs all round, I fastened up and started to head home.  The tantrum did ensue and boy was it one of her best!!  I tried to reason with her that she could have some tomorrow after she had eaten all her breakfast, but the need for chocolate right now had over taken her and she was having none of it.  So with the radio on, and my paticence being tried we drove home.  Sleep finally overtook about 20 minutes into the journey and she crashed and was out for the count for the rest of the trip.  As I promised she did have some the next morning but only a little.  She has that much stored in the cupboards that I think i'll still be giving it to her next Easter!!

It was, all-in-all, a really nice long weekend and now it's time for getting ready for the working week ahead (although it is only a 3 day one so not bad at all really :))

Sue xx

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