Saturday, 9 July 2011

I love my baby curves thank you very much

I was reading a magazine today that had a 6 page article on how to lose your curves and beat the flab.  Firstly let me say that a colleague at work gave me this magazine with good intentions.  The giving came with the comment of how, "I'll be wanting to do something about my extra curves as soon as the baby is born".  The fact of the matter is that no I won't!  I'm naturally a slim person and I'm very lucky in the way that I can't put weight on even if I try.  I do put it on while I'm pregnant and I love it.  People only ever say I look healthy when I'm pregnant and I feel better with a little extra chubbiness all over.  I hope that some of these curves hang around after bump arrives but we'll have to wait and see.  Here are some of the tips that the magazine gave for losing weight.

1.Wake up and work out

The magazine says: "Start your day by working out.  Even if you have a 15 hour day ahead of you it will make you feel more accomplished and ready for the day ahead."

Sue says: "What a load of tosh.  When I wake up I try to work out what day of the week it is and how many hours sleep I actually managed to get.  I work out what the kids are going to wear and how long I have before I have to get us all out the door in order not to be late again......Work out done!"

2. Keep your eye on the prize.

The magazine says: " It's more about your mental strength than physical strength.  You have to push yourself everyday."

Sue says: "My mental health is completely shot and the only thing I keep my eye is getting through the day so I can hit my bed at a reasonable hour to try and get more than 4 hours sleep.  I don't need to push myself as I have children, family and work colleagues that seem to want to push me everyday (they always know the right buttons that do it as well).

3. Eat 6 small meals a day

The magazine says: "Eat 6 small meals a day to keep up your metabolism."

Sue Says: " Eating 3 meals a day is a task in itself so I have no hope of having 6!  By the time I've made sure everyone else has been fed properly and cracked on with the rest of the days routine, there's no time for anything else other than bed!"

4. Get a Dog

The magazine says: "It's a reason to get outside to walk and run and get exercise every day."

Sue Say: " A Dog!  I have enough with 2 kids thanks."

There were many more wonderful suggestions along side super skinny models who have tried and tested them but these were the best.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone wrote an article on how new mums could really work out while looking after a family.  Just simple little tips that are achievable would be good and would probably help us as well.

In the meantime I make no apologies for carrying the extra weight and I embrace my new figure as it is this figure that gave me my beautiful children.


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