Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kids say the funniest things!

My ex husband is away in China on business at the moment so I get to have Holly all to myself for just over 2 weeks.  I just thought I'd share some of the little gems that she has come out with over the past few days.

What colour are my eyes?  All three of us were sat having breakfast when she asked what colour eyes daddy had, so i told her blue.  I then asked her what colour eyes mummy had and as she stared deep into my face she said brown.  Good girl we both cried as we're so pleased with the way she is coming on with her colours.  I then said, "what colour eyes does Holly have?"  She immediately crossed her eyes to try and have a look and said, "don't know mummy can't see". 

Now, her dad is know for not being the tidiest person around and since living on his own the house has become very messy, in the manly fashion you would expect.  So being the loving ex-wife that I am I said I would clean it for him while he was away (there were no resounding objections to this I might add).  I made a start on the first room last night, the living room.  Before I started she had her toys everywhere.  There is a perfectly good toy box in the room, but this is clearly not fit and so any spare floor space would do instead.  There were clothes drying on maidens and radiators, clothes for ironing slung on the back of the sofa, exercise equipment dotted in any space that wasn't occupied by toys and so on and so on......I'm sure you all get the picture.  All I can say is that by the time I'd finished it looked like a home that was clean, tidied and loved. 

After getting dressed this morning I took Holly downstairs and said she could play in the living room while I got her breakfast.  She walked in and just stopped.  She then looked at me with a nod and a smile and said, "mummy, I like it".  It was so funny, almost as if she were genuinely shocked that the living room could look like that.

The final little gem that had me in bits happened in the car this morning on the way to nursery.  I was driving along listening to the radio and Holly was singing to herself in the back.  We were on a busy road so traffic was slow and up ahead I could see a chap on a bike.  I didn't think anymore about it until when we drove past him Holly shouted, "Iya man".  I just crumbled with laughter and then every bike we saw after that got a resounding, "Iya man" followed by a little wave as we went past.  She's never done that before so I wondered where she got it from.  I think it's just down to her winning personality and sense of good humour.  It really did brighten my day and has made me giggle every time I think about it.

Kids really do say the funniest things!

Speak soon yummy mummy's

Suz xxx

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