Thursday, 14 July 2011

What do you expect.....she's your daughter.

These were the words of my ex husband and his explanation to why Holly is being a right little devil with me.  It appears at the moment that me and Holly are two bulls that are constantly butting heads on everything.  Some say it's the terrible 2's (oh joy) but her lovely daddy says it's because she's like me.

An example of how we clash.  When serving her breakfast I asked her if she wanted water or milk to drink.  She replied milk.  Upon seeing me go to the fridge to get the milk she screamed water at me.  As I was about to pour the milk back into the bottle to change it for water, she again screamed MILK MUMMY.  I kept my cool and placed the milk on the table along with the rest of her breakfast.  I was prepared to put the little tantrum down to a bad night's sleep but it came to a halt when she decided to throw her breakfast all over the floor and shout CHOCOLATE MUMMY.  I can assure everyone who reads this that giving her chocolate for breakfast never has and never will happen.  But this morning she decided that's what she wanted to eat and she wasn't backing down.  I also decided that's what she wasn't going to eat and I wasn't backing down.

I don't get into arguments with her, and she knows this, so she decided to stare at me and do every naughty thing possible to try and break me.  This little display of attitude went on for 20 minutes and it did lead to us being late for both nursery and work.  The reason it lead to us being late was because I wasn't giving in and it took 20mins for me to break her attitude.  I was so proud of myself for standing my ground and not letting her win and hopefully showing her that what Mummy says goes. 

Whilst writing this I've also realised that there is possibly some truth in what her Dad said about her being like me as she certainly put on a fantastic display of stubbornness, just like I did.

We're going through all of this and she's only 2 and a bit, bring on the teenage years!!

Speak soon yummy mummy's

Suz xx

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