Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pregnant and working....of course I can do another project as well!

At 7 months pregnant i'm finallay having to surrender to the fact that I'm slowing down.  I've been blaming the heat for some time now but the reality is that the extra 3 stone, increased work load and a 2 year old who isn't sleeping well in this heat, is taking it's toll.  The strange thing is that as my body is slowing down, my brain is speeding up and suddenly I have a million and one business ideas that I think are "the one".

The one idea i'm taken with is my new cookbook.  When colleagues or clients learn I have 2 kids and do my job as a manager full time, they often remark how baby food must be such a convenient solution for me at the end of a long day.  The truth is I wouldn't dream of feeding my babies food I hadn't prepared myself.  Don't get me wrong, when Holly was first born I kept jars in the cupboard for those, "in emergency" moments but I couldn't bring myself to use them.  I understand that babies of the world have been raised on jar food for more years than i've been around and I wouldn't comment negatively on any parent who used them.  It's simply a case that for me, personally, I need to know exactly what's gone into my baby's meals.  I also think a large part of this decision is due to the fact I'm a total control freak!!

My lovely mummy always made sure we sat and ate as a family and it was always good homecooked food.  I think this is where I get it from and as a I grew up I found myself asking my mum more and more for her recipes.  My mum passed away last year and it devastated me, not only did I lose my best friend, but my font of all knowledge.  In her memory  I've decided to "try" to produce a cookbook of homemade recipes that show working mums how they can be busy career women and still have time to cook good food.  I'm sure you can imagine that a great many of my mum's secrets will be in there as well but I'd love to hear from all mummies who have a recipe to share. It could be one they have come up with themselves or one that has been passed down by their lovely mummy. I want each recipe to be dedicated to the mum and their family and any tips from working mums would also be included.

If I manage to sell any of these books then most of the money from each sale will go to St.Anne's Hospice as they looked after my mum in final days and helped me and my family through a very horrible time.

Any ideas or comments always welcome folks.

Suz xxxx

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