Friday, 15 February 2013

Little H Enjoys Book Giving Day

When I heard about Book Giving Day I told Holly about it and asked her what she thought.  She thought that giving books to little boys and girls that don't have any books was a lovely idea so we put our heads together and thought about how we could help.

Holly decided that she would be in charge of finding the books we were going to donate.  She went through her book box and her book shelf and pulled out some nice books.  She then took it upon her self to go through Sams book shelf and take some of his books to be donated!

I then had the idea of taking them to the Childrens Ward at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.  I explained to Holly that poorly boys and girls sometimes have to stay here and it may be nice if they had some new books to read.  Well, the idea went down a storm and she couldn't wait to help the poorly boys and girls.  

I've always tried to teach Holly the importance of giving to people who aren't as lucky as we are and to help people whenever we can and I think it is now starting to sink in with her.

The proudest moment for me came when I had a look through the books she had pulled out.  I nothiced that "Snuggle Bunny" was in there.  Now this has been her favourtite book for a long while so I doubled checked with her to make sure she knew this was in the pile.  When she said that she knew I asked if she was sure she wanted to give her favourite book away and word for word she told me:-

"Mummy I love this book so much that I want the poorly children to love it as much as me. It's good to share"

My heart melted there and then and I just pulled her close and gave her the tightest hug.

When we took the books to the ward on Thursday 14th Feb she was very excited.  She gave them to the nurse and had the biggest smile on her face.  The nurse said she was very pleased to get the books and was sure the children would like them.  Holly made sure she knew that "Snuggle Bunny" was the best and the nurse said she would let the children know

Holly about to take her books into the Childrens ward.

I'm really pleased that we got involved in this day and that I could share such a special moment with my special little girl.

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