Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Shovel List

I got the idea of the Shovel List  from @mummycentral.  I'd like to share my top 5 hates and would gladly give them a shovel to the face if given the opportunity

1. Baby Beaters

If you don't feel you can give a child the love and care they deserve then don't F***ing have them.  I don't understand why these cretins think they have the right to lay their hands on innocent children this way.  If I was Queen I would put them all on a big ship, send them out to the middle of the Ocean and beat them beyond recognition with a shovel - enough said

2. Fag Ash Mums

Why would you cause harm to your baby before it is even born?  If you can't give up for 9 months for your kid then shame on you.

3. 4X4 Drivers

You may have a car bigger then me but that doesn't mean you own the road!

4. People who abandon the trolley in the middle of Supermarket isles.

It's rude and inconsiderate - stop doing it please

5. People who Say "Don't worry he's friendly" - Yes I'm talking about Dog owners.

I keep my dog on a lead as I know he's not always the most sociable around other dogs.  It really does annoy me when other people let their dog run up to mine and stand there and shout, "It's OK he's friendly"  I have found my self shouting back, "That's nice but how do you know if mine is?"  Please don't assume that we all want to be friends with your dog because we really don't.

I found that I could actually go on and on with this list but thought it best to stick to the top 5.

Who would you have on your list?  Give it a go you'd be surprised what comes out.......

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More 4 Mums said...

I so agree with most of these, especially the Fag Ash Mums - really just give it up !