Friday, 22 February 2013

The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper Book Review

This book review is for one of Little H's favourite books. 
It's called The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper.


This is a story about a mouse who lives with a lighthouse keeper in his lighthouse.  Once day the little mouse is left alone and has to turn the light on to guide all the ships that are sailing in the storm.  However, he is so small that he doesn't know how he will ever make it to the top of the light house.  When he does get there is finds there are more problems and how will such a little mouse be able to solve them.  The little mouse is fortunate to have some very good friends who help him along the way and with a bit of team work they all get the job done.

Mummy Thinks: It's a lovely story that teaches children that A) even the smallest of people can make a big difference and B) anything is possible with a little help from your friends.  It's a nice bedtime read and Little H loves to hear about the problems and then hear how they all overcome them.  It has lovely illustrations the whole way through and I really do support the message to subtley gives out.  I like the way it has a good number of words on each page and so it's easy for kids to follow as you read.

Little H Thinks: "Mouse has lovely friends, just like my friend Olivia, although she's not a spider"

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