Sunday, 3 February 2013

When I think about Mum I think about.........

I lost my Mum nearly 3 years ago and I miss her every day.  I used to think about her and it made me sad but now when I think of her it's usually the things that make me laugh out loud.  She was a one-off and so I thought I'd share some of the magic moments that I was lucky enough to share with her.

I Miss.......

The way she would listen to music through headphones and sing as loud as you like as she thought we couldn't hear her.  It was always Whitney Houston "I Will alway Love You"

The way I could talk to her 3 times a day and never run out of things to say

The way she never judged me and supported me no matter what.

The way she would send me notes in the post that simply said "Hi" or "I love you" because she said it made a nice change from getting bills.

The way she taught me to bake.

The way she added canned fruit to every pudding to make it "exotic"

The way she liked to eat food with her salt.

The way she couldn't travel anywhere without her emergency sweet bag (not even to the local shops)

The way she was the head hanging over the fence at the end of every race I ran. Cheering me on right over the finish line, screaming my name as loud as she could.

The way she texted me all through the night as I was doing Shine 2010

The way we would buy books from the charity shop and always swap them when we had finished.

The way she always had a hot bath and spare pyjamas whenever you needed them.

The way you could never leave their house without being fed and watered.....EVER!

The way she wanted a slight curl in her hair so opted for the tightest perm and then wouldn't leave the house for a week until it had calmed down.

The way she would fart in a shop and then walk away and leave you standing there to take to the blame.

The time that she pooper scooped up after the dog and got it on her fingers.  She then had a cigarette and left a dog doodo moustache on her face and then couldn't understand why she couldn't get the smell of shit out of her nose.

The time she asked me what the attraction in thongs was as she found them the worst things ever.  Turned out she'd been wearing them back to front.

The way I could talk to her about ANYTHING.

The way we fought like cat and dog but always kissed and made up.

The way she was my biggest supporter.

The way she was my best friend. 

The way was she was my Mum.

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