Thursday, 26 May 2011

Baby Bumps and Computer Desks don't mix.

I’ve finally reached the stage in my pregnancy where I now have a baby bump.  I’m very lucky in the fact that I don’t tend to develop a bump until later in the pregnancy compared to some of my friends who started showing at 12 weeks!  My bump seems to have developed overnight and with it bought a whole load of new challenges.  My feet have finally said bye bye and I no longer know what they look like now and I have to sit down and form a very un-lady like pose just to put my shoes on.  Sitting down at my desk this morning I had the genuine thought of “have my arms shrunk?”  It seemed I had to reach farther to get to my keyboard and the phone was no longer within my grasp.  At first I thought that the cleaners had perhaps moved everything while wiping down my desk and the then it hit me that the cause of this problem was my now growing bump.  Ideally I could do with a section of my desk to be cut out so the bump fits in quite nicely but sadly this is not an option.  So everything has been moved closer and I envisage that there will come a point when my keyboard can rest on my bump and I can work from there!  I think the laptop will now be brought out of retirement so at least I can position it on my knee and work in some form of comfort.  I’m quickly realising that offices really aren’t tailored for the expectant mother!
Mummy Sue

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