Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Let the preparations begin!

I'm into the first few days of my holiday from work and I've not been able to sit down for 5 minutes.  It's Holly's 2nd birthday on Saturday and me and her dad are planning a party for her.  When I say me and her dad what I mean is, her dad came up with the idea of the party and I'm the one who's doing all the planning and preparation.  We've decided to hold it at a local play gym and invite all of her friends from nursery.  In total we have 13 children coming and luckily the play gym will provide the party food, party bags and some decorations.

I, however, am making the cake.  Now I do like to think that I am a naturally creative person and I do come up with some rather wonderful ideas about things.  The problem I have is that the ideas in my head never quite come out as they should.  Holly is into Monkeys at the moment so I have a fantastic image of a monkey cake in my head and this is what I'm going to attempt to make.  I have achieved the task of getting all the ingredients and this has already given me the confidence boost I need!

As well as making this amazing cake, which will make me the envy of all mums, I also need to get the present, buy her a new birthday outfit and lay my hands on some pink birthday decorations which will dress the house nicely for Saturday.  After the party we are having some friends and family back at the house, where the party will continue, and this also means that I have a buffet to prepare.  The list I am working through is huge but if I'm totally honest, I love it.  I love doing things that will please other people and creating a day that people really enjoy.  I'm hoping the weather will stay nice so I may even be able to crack out the BBQ and make a real afternoon of it.

Anyway, I have a cake to bake but I will keep you posted.


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