Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A Royal start to a wonderful weekend.

It’s taken me so long to get this post up as it’s been a manic weekend.  It started with the wedding of our lovely Prince and his beautiful new bride.  I watched the royal event at home with Holly and didn’t think I’d get into as much as I did but when I saw Prince William and Harry come round the corner in the car, I can honestly say it bought a tear to my eye.  All of a sudden the proud mum in me came out and I was overcome with emotion.  They looked so handsome in their uniforms and so happy as they made their way to the Abbey.  It was funny as Holly went and stood right in front of the telly and every time William waved at the crowd, she waved back.  She then turned and smiled at me as if to say, “look mummy he waved back”.
I thought that all the guests looked amazing and the Queen looked stunning in that Yellow outfit.  I would have loved to have been able to take Holly down and been a part of the crowd.  Watching the news as the reporters spoke to people was great.  Everyone was there to celebrate this fantastic occasion and for this one day it seemed that the country was united and enjoying sharing in the young Princes happy day.
Of course, Kate was the star of the show, although I have heard people say that the bridesmaid, Pippa was the star in their eyes!  I’ve also read since, that women are now trying to get a bottom like Pippa’s and there is an exercise routine you can do to achieve this!  Anyway I digress.  I admire the way Kate handled the day and looked like any other bride should look on their big day, relaxed and excited to be marrying the man of her dreams (and many other ladies dreams I’m sure).  From the minute she got into the car to when she took her vows, I felt like I was a guest at a friend’s wedding.  It was truly beautiful and it made me proud to be British.  

The next day, out village held a street party in honour of the Royal occasion and this was a great day.  The whole community was still buzzing from the previous day and games, food and drink was enjoyed by all.  It’s great to think that we all witnessed history and my little girl can say she saw the wedding of her future King, how grand is that?

To finish off my brilliant weekend, I decided to have a day out on the bank holiday Monday.  When Holly was born I adopted a Donkey in her name from the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses and Donkeys.  I’ve supported this charity as my Grandma (now sadly passed) always collected stamps for them and I started doing this when I was a young girl as well.  Our Donkey is called Gemma and I thought, as it was a beautiful sunny day, we would take a drive out to Lincoln and go and visit her.  The place is massive and home to so many Horses and Donkeys I couldn’t even give you a number.  I thought we may be there for about an hour but we ended up staying for about 5 hours.  We got to see horses of all sizes and Holly even got the courage up to stroke one on his nose.  She was amazed by the fact that they had hair!  We also saw some naughty horses and she wasn’t too keen on them and then lastly we got to spend some time with Gemma.  It was lovely to be able to stroke and see the Donkey we’ve adopted and to see the great work that our money goes towards.

Holly fell asleep in the car on the way home.  About 45 minutes into the drive she suddenly woke up and said, “nice sauce” then went back to sleep.  She must have been dreaming about the horses and that made me giggle for pretty much the rest of the drive home.  We were shattered when we got in so it was bath and tea and then off to bed.  She was looking forward to telling her best friend Betty all about her day out when she got to nursery in the morning.
I love bank holiday weekends.


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