Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Update at last!

It's taken me so long to get this post up as i've been as sick as a dog since Holly's birthday.  Just to put you all out of your misery - yes the cake was a success as you can see below.

We had her party on the Saturday and we had a total of 13 kids there.  It was total chaos but brilliant fun.  They were non stop run a rounds for the whole 2 hours and the only time any of them stopped was to get food.  I've never heard silence around so many kids before it was so funny.  Holly loved having her best friend Betty sit next to her at the table, which of course Holly was head of.  We had a lovely spread and the adults lost no time in polishing off what the kids had left!  The party co-ordinator bought the cake in at the end and everyone sang Happy Birthday.  For the first time all day Holly was so shy and she burried her head into my shoulder and wouldn't look up.  She blew out her candle (with a little help from mummy) and then they all went back to playing.  I think me and her dad were more bothered about the celebrations than she was as she just wanted to run off and play. 

I really enjoyed talking to the parents of Holly's friends as this was the first time i'd met most of them.  Holly only started at this nursery in February this year, so she is still the newby.  That's why we thought it would be a good idea to have the party so that we could get to know the other mums and dads.  It was well worth it and I got to know loads about the other parents.  I was of course faced with the question, "so how many days does Holly do at nursery?" and when I replied she was full time, as I worked full time, it led to a few moments of silence where the other parent was thinking what to say next.  It's amazing still, how this question still has the ability to make me feel like a bad mum for not staying at home and looking after Holly myself.    Anyway that's by the by and overall everyone had a lovely time.

At the end of the day, when all visitors had gone home and I was able to put my feet up for 10 minutes, that's when the sickness hit me.  At first I thought it was my bump who had pushed my stomach into my lungs, which was making me feel a bit queer.  I then went on to spend the next 2 days with my head down the loo bringing up everything that I tried to keep down.  Nothing seemed to help so I just accepted that I was going to become very friendly with my toilet.  Lucky for me that Holly had gone down South with her dad to see his side of the family.  I was able to feel sorry for myself in private and just wait for this 'bug' to leave my system and allow me to be human again. 

This morning I woke up and didn't feel like throwing up my inards.  I dropped Holly at nursery and then put myself in the shower and I can now say I'm back in the game.  I've caught up with emails and friends and life in general and can now start to get on with things again.  I can only think that all the planning for the party left me a bit run down and carrying bump around didn't help.  After such a brilliant birthday and seeing the smiles on Holly's face all day, I can say it was well worth it.


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