Monday, 16 May 2011

First day back and I already need another holiday!!

After 2 blissful weeks off work, I'm now sat at my desk and it feels like I've never been away.  I was fairly lucky this time around and I only came back to 115 emails, which is pretty good for the job I do.  My first day back however, did not start well and I only hope it is not a sign of the way the rest of this week is going to pan out.  It started with the journey to nursery.  I got within half a mile of where we needed to be (down a country track I like to add so you get the full picture) to find out that the road is closed.  As it was a country track the only thing to do was turn around and head back into town to go a different route, adding a further 20 minutes onto the journey.  Once on my new course, Holly gave an almighty sneeze, which not only threw out more snot than I had ever seen come out of such a small nose, but vomit as well.  The hazrd lights went on and I threw the car into the curb to try and get her out as quickly as I could.  She's been suffering with a cold over the past few days and I guess all the flem that was on her chest decided to come out.

Now a good 45 minutes behind schedule, we eventually made it to nursery but Holly was not keen to go.  She didn't want anything to do with her playmates or the staff and assumed, what me and her dad call, "the baby gibon pose".  This is where she throws her legs round your waist and her arms round your neck and holds on for dear life like a baby monkey.  I eventually talked her into sitting down and having some breakfast (her second of each day) and made a mad dash for the car.  Finally on the road and near to the office I breathed a sigh of relief that my day could finally get going.  This relief was to be short lived.  As I stood outside my office door, rumaging through my handbag, I refused to give into the realisation that I'd left my office keys at home.  After cursing myself for several minutes I decided that there was no way I was driving home and I would just have to find someone with a spare key, which I eventually did.

Surely the worst of the day was over and I could make a start on catching up as I knew I had several reports to get working on and send out.  So, with a brew in one hand and my morning banana in the other, I tried to log on.  The key word here would be tried.  It appears that first thing on a Monday morning is when our IT department feel it best to carry out maintenance work.  This meant for most of the morning I could answer emails only and was not able to access any of my saved files or reports.  The morning banana was soon to be followed by several bars of chocolate and a great many mutterings under my breath.

I had a catch up with my team, which made me smile again and I wasn't as stressed as when the day first started.  It's nearly time to go and pick Holly up, which, as I've said before, is the best part of my day and  I will be glad to log off and leave this horrible horrible Monday behind and hope to start things all over again tomorrow. Rant over - nothing good to say about this day!


Mummy Sue x

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