Monday, 14 January 2013

Harry and the Robots book review

Over the weekend myself and Sam decided to have a bit of a different story before bed and so we went for Harry and the Robots.

Harry and the Robots is from the same line of stories as Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs, so the main character is the same. 

Mums thinks:  A really nice story to read.  It's nice that we already know about Harry and great to read about his different adventures with Robots.  Sam loved the colours and shapes and would point to the pages whenever he saw a Robot.  He also liked the funny voices I did when the Robots were talking.

In this story Harry's Grandma becomes poorly and has to go into Hospital.  Harry decides to make some Robots to lok after Grandma and help her get better.  Harry's mum helps him along the way and when Harry takes the Robots into Grandma she is very happy and soon gets better.  The only thing I would say is that some toddlers may not like the fact that Grandma goes into Hospital.  I could imagine my little girl asking a lot of questions as she gets a bit upset when people get poorly but for Sam is was a good bedtime read.

This story is beautifully ilustrated and ideal for helping little ones calm before bedtime.

Sam thinks: "Aarrggghhhh" (Robot noise)

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