Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New to the Blog

Something I have always been passionate about is reading and getting my kids into books.  Over the Christmas period both Holly and Sam got a lot of new books to top up their bookcases and as we all enjoyed reading them so much, I though I'd share some of our thoughts about what we've read.  I've created a dedicated page especially for reviews by me, Holly and Sam on the books that we have loved and the ones that have been put to the back of the book shelf.

The first book we read was Alfie: Alfie Gets in First.

Both me and Holly loved this book.  A tale of a little boy who gets up to all sorts of mischief.  It made me realise that this is what is yet to come with Sam and what is already here with Holly!  Holly loved the fact that Alfie was so naughty and was often shocked by what Alfie had done.  It was almost as if she was testing the water to see if she would ever be able to get away with locking herself in the house. 

Mum thinks:   I love this book.  I think the illustration is brilliant and you really get a feel for what a cheeky little chap Alfie is.  It's a wonderful story that Holly could relate to and as a mum I could relate to it.  It's a bit old for Holly to read by herself but it's fab for mother, daughter and son bedtime story time.I can't wait to get the rest of the series.

Holly thinks:   "Alfie is naughty like I am sometimes aren't I mummy?"

You can read more about the books we have read by looking at my new page for Childrens book reviews.  I love the fact that Holly has opinions about the books that she reads and she puts to one side the ones that she wants to read again and again.  She even sits in front of me and reads to me like a teacher reading to her class (including telling me off if she thinks i'm not paying attention).

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