Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Triathalon Training: Week 2

So I'm now into the second week of my serious training and if I'm totally honest I can't be bothered.  I was so motivated in the first week and I almost had a sense of "well Ive done a week so now I'm fit enough for my Triathlon".  My other half kindly reminded me this morning that this is not the case and I need to get my self to the Gym.

First thing this morning I was so tired that I really contemplated giving the gym a miss but Steve said, "If you can go when you feel like crap then you know you can do it anytime"  I hated him for saying but deep down thought he was right (although I'd never let him know that)

Monday 14th Jan 2013.

For a warm up I parked further away from the Gym so I had a good 20 min walk to get there.  It was lovely walking in the fresh snow although bloody cold as I only had my gym top on under my coat.  I really wasn't feeling in the mood for it so I got on the cross trainer with a view to doing 10 mins on level 1.  I ended up doing a cardio work out as a start but as the levels got harder I got less bothered.  Mainly because it was making me sweat so much I was getting knackered.  I then switched to a Fat Burn programme and lasted 10 mins on this as again it got very intense and I simply wasn't up for it.  Finally I did 20 mins on a random programme which was a bit easy and bit hard all mixed together but I coped with this a bit better.

By the time I'd finished I'd done 40 mins and was panting like a dog.  I don't know if I felt like I'd worked hard because some of the programmes were intense or if it was more to do with how tired I was feeling to start with.

It did make me feel better and I topped it off with a breakfast of Granery toast and a bowl of fresh fruit.  I'm glad I went as I've kept my training going but I am also very glad it's a rest day tomorrow.  Until Wednesday and the next installment.....

Thursday 17th Jan 2013

OK, I was supposed to go to the Gym on Tuesday but it didn't happen due to the snow coming down quite heavy and me getting all in a panic about making sure I get the kids from nursery.  So I made an effort today.  I had Italian class tonight which finished at 7 and headed to the gym after that.  To my own surprise I did alright.  I did a gruelling 30 minutes on the cross trainer with a mix of cardio and fat burn workouts and worked off over 200 Cal.

I then moved onto the rowing machine and did a 2000m row.  I thought I was doing ok when one of the instructors came up to me and offered some advice.  She said that if i tucked my arms into my body when rowing back I would feel it more.  Bloody hell she was not wrong and I really could feel the back of my shoulders working and it was a nice feeling.

My warm down was a 20 minute walk, up hill, back to the car and it was nice to give my legs a good stretch.

Friday 18th Jan 2013.

My plan was another session at the gym but I;ve been suffering with PMT today and have had really bad belly ache.  I walked into the changing rooms and wanted to cry so I walked straight back out again and headed home.  I do suffer badly with my hormones since having my second baby and I know when not to push myself.  I decided to walk the long way back to my car to make up for it so my workout for today was a 30 minute walk.

I was walking uphill in the snow so I think it was a good effort.

I know that i've been really slack this week with one thing or another but the main thing is I've done something.  That's the most important thing for me at the moment is that I keep doing something and don't loose momentum.

I've started to introduce stomach crunches every day to try and tone up my tummy muscles and hopefully  "strenghen my core" which I'm told is very important.

Diet wise this week I've been ok.  I'm still managin on the reduced sugar and I'm starting to notice the difference now as I'm not feeling as bloated as I did when I was on higher levels of sugar.  I've been making an effort to make my own lunches to take to work and have made some lovely salads and snacks. 

I've cut down on chocolate and sweets (not the easiest thing in the world for me) but i'm not cutting them out.  I'm trying so hard to get Triathlon fit but I think that cutting chocolate out totally will not help in any way shape or form :-)

I don't think it's been a bad week but I plan for the weeks ahead to be a bit better.

Catch up next week to see if I can keep things going or just crash, burn and slump in front of the telly.

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