Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Way Back Home Book Review

This is a book we bought for Mr Moo's book case. We gave it a go at bedtime and here is what Mummy and Mr Moo concluded.  The Way Back Home.
Mum Thinks: Beautifully illustrated (as you know by now it's one of the first things I look for) in a nice big format.  If i'm totally honest the story confused me a little bit.  I got the gist but it actually made no sense to me and I found it a bit random.  It was an ideal lenght for a story for a 17 month old and Mr Moo was captivated by the pictures of rockets and little green men, but I didn't get the story.
I think it's about a boy who goes to the moon and gets stuck there and at the same time a little green man goes to the moon and get stuck there.  The little boy decided to jump down and go and get a ladder for the little green man so this is what he does.  They then both get off the moon and go there seperate ways.  Maybe it is just a simple as that!  I would read it again to Mr Moo but next time I know that I will be reading it with a confused look on my face.
Mr Moo Thinks:  "Spaceman yey"

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