Saturday, 12 January 2013

Triathlon Training: Week 1

As some of you may know I have entered the Yorkshire Triathlon which takes place on 7th July 2013.  I decided that 2013 was going to be the year that I got fit and so why not sign up for a Triathlon for motivation???

I'm a Mummy of 2 and a body that looks and feels like it's had 2 babies.  I thought I would share my training stories as I'm just a regular mum trying to get back into shape.  I'm not a professional and most of the time I just make it up as I go along but I'm hoping beyond hope that it's enough to get me through July 7th.  So here it is so far............

Monday 7th Jan 2013 - Gym Session

Well today was the first day of my training for my Triathlon.  It's been a very long time since I've done any serious work so I was slightly nervous.  My plan is to start off slowly and build up my strength after all I consider myself to be fairly unfit.  I started with a 20 minute session on the Cross Trainer and started at level 1.  I then moved on to a 1000m on the rowing machine and finished with 3k ride on the bike.

Thinking about it, it probably wasn't a lot but it felt liked I'd just climbed a mountain.  I came away hurting and I like that feeling as I know I've worked hard.  I started to stiffen up on my walk back to the car but I plan to have a nice soak in the bath to ease the muscles.

I've also decided to cut down on the amount of sugar in my diet.  Unfortunately I have my Mum's sweet tooth and for years I have always had 2 sugars in my tea and I have porridge with a thick layer of sugar on top.  So I've decided to cut down to 1 sugar in my tea and have replaced sugar on my porridge with honey.  It's going well so far and no cravings have kicked in just yet.

A rest day planned for tomorrow so the next update on Wednesday (if I feel brave enough to go back)

Wednesday 8th Jan 2013 - Moores Run

I had a lot on at work today and couldn't get away to get to the gym.  I thought about leaving it for today as I was shattered after a crap day at work and ust felt like going home and catching up on Jeremy Kyle.  As soon as I walked through my back door I felt guilty.  I was dying to grab a choccy biscuit but I decided that if I took myself for a run  then I could have a biscuit, so I threw on my trainers and headed up to the moores.  If i'm totally honest this was one of the hardest runs I've done.  I didn't expect the wind to be so cold and for a good part of the run I was running in to it and felt like a cartoon character who was running but not going anywhere.  I only managed a few miles before heading back home.  The bonus was I got to run in some amazing scenery which made it a bit easier to bear.  I was only out for 30 minutes but again I felt like I'd worked hard.

Definitely will be having a rest day tomorrow as I'm not convinced my legs will work again for a while!!

Friday 11th Jan 2013 - Gym Session

After the run on Wednesday I felt brave enough to go into the gym after work as I was in no rush to get home with Sam being at his Grandma and Grandads.  I was feeling a bit tired today and really not up for a monster session so I decided to do my Triathlon distance on the bike and see what time I got.  
It was going well until I got to 7k and then I got a bit of a stitch.  I probably should have stopped but decided to push through but it was killing me.  At 10k my arse went totally numb and I made a mental note that padded pants were at the top of the list of things to buy.  I managed to get to 12k and the buring in my thighs was pretty intense and combined with the numb butt I was struggling.  At last the timer beeped at 13.5k and my god I've never been so relived to stop cycling.

It was the furthest I've cycled for a very very long time but I was quietly pleased that I managed to do it.  I told myself that I wasn't bothered what time I got as the main thing is I did the whole distance but when the machine said I'd done it in 28mins 25 secs I was secretly pleased with myself.  

I'm pretty sure I can beat that but until I'm ready to distroy the bike then I'll be happy if I can keep it under 30 minutes for now.

The sugar cravings have kicked in now and I have to confess to having a few chocolate bars today.  I don't feel too guilty as I did go to the gym but I need serious help in staying off the sugar.  Steve says I've not been too aggressive (phew) but feel I could turn murderous If I don't get over the cravings soon.

Join me next week to see how week 2 of the training goes........

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